Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One Off the Bucket List

Last year, when the movie The Bucket List came to theaters, I took my youth group to the movie and we all made our own bucket lists of things we wanted to accomplish before we 'kick the bucket.' One item that was near the top of my list was to see the band U2 in concert. Well...the ticket is purchased.

U2 just came out with a new CD (No Line on the Horizon) a few weeks ago, and now have begun selling tickets to their upcoming tour. I was initially upset that they were not coming anywhere near Seattle, but have now announced a concert in Vancouver, BC as an addition to the schedule. They just opened ticket sales yesterday and are almost sold out already, but I managed to get one of the last tickets. So, on a Wednesday night this coming October, I will have the fantastic opportunity of seeing one of my favorite bands live, and beginning the process of marking off my bucket list.


  1. I think MDiv students have a three hour class that night ;)

  2. Let's just say "I'm skipping" if that's the case!!