Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gettin' in Shape

For most of my life I have been heavily involved in sports, which has constantly kept me in great physical shape since a young age. After graduating from college and having those organized activities come to an end, however, it has been a struggle to stay in shape. In Sioux Falls I had places I could go to play basketball, ultimate frisbee, and hockey, helping me stay healthy. I have still yet to find those places here in Seattle, so for now, I'm resorting to running...ugh.

I hate running...always have. I tried running track for a year in high school but despised it. I never saw the purpose of running, always preferring to be dribbling a basketball or soccer ball while I ran. Last night I ran with my roommates at this lake near our home called Green Lake. We made one lap around the lake (2.8 miles) and I was dying by the end, but it feels good to be getting back in shape. I woke up pretty sore this morning but I hope I can keep up the body needs it.

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