Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Good First Day in Seattle

For those who didn't know, Mandy and I flew out to Seattle this morning and will be here until Monday afternoon securing an apartment for this summer. We left Sioux Falls at 12:30 this morning for Omaha, NE and flew out of Omaha at 5am. We were extremely tired but got caught up on sleep on the plane ride.

When we got to Seattle we first went to Mars Hill Grad School to turn in a scholarship application and use their computers. We then spent the rest of the day visiting 4 different apartments. One of the apartments was awesome and we are very excited about it, but we also want to remain objective as we will be visiting at least 7 apartments tomorrow. We sort of got lost for the first time in Seattle, too, as we probably ended up walking an extra 30-40 blocks because we couldn't find the right bus line to take us to visit an apartment. Lets just say that our feet were tired when we got back to the hotel tonight.

We are excited to visit more places tomorrow and we will make sure to keep you updated as to how our search is going. I'll leave you with a picture of the view 3 blocks from the apartment that we really love...just slightly more scenic than South Dakota. I took this picture this afternoon.

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  1. Just so you know that is the coolest picture ever. I am so jealous.