Monday, May 12, 2008

One Last Trip

This weekend Mandy and I made one last trip to her parents' house in Mott, ND prior to moving to Seattle in July. It was so good to be with her family again as I am not able to make it up there very often. Those trips are always filled with great food, great fellowship, and fantastic conversation, and this trip was no different.

We will definitely miss being close to Mandy's family when we move to Seattle. Instead of being 7 hours away, we will be closer to 17 hours away, so trips to NoDak will be far more infrequent. The good thing for me is that in moving to Seattle we will be about 10 hours from my home, as opposed to the 14 hours I am away currently. We will definitely have to be strategic about how to use our vacations wisely and maximize our time with family and friends when we have the chance. Oh...moving is so hard!


  1. Well as hard as it is you will love it. You could, however, always stay here in Sioux Falls. Following God is so over-rated. Plus I am going to be even more of a looser now. I am going to have to be strategic about coming out to visit. Which means I will have to manage my money so I can come out every break

  2. It is not easy being far away from family while in ministry, but there are some advantages!