Friday, May 16, 2008

Pics from Mars

Mandy and I have known that we were moving to Seattle to attend Mars Hill Graduate School for months now, but I've never posted any pictures of the school where I will be studying. While we were at the school today I made sure to take some pics so that I could show everyone where I spend most of my time next fall. Here are some pictures of the inside and outside of the building. The school is in downtown Seattle, one block from Puget Sound and about 5 blocks from Pike Place Market.

The outside of the building. Everyone knows the school as the big, red building. The complex used to be an old luggage factory.

The main lounge where students hang out, eat food, study, etc. I'll probably fall asleep reading many a book on these comfy leather couches.

This is the one large classroom at the school where they hold the lecture classes that all students are required to take. I'll probably have most of my classes here the first semester.

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