Thursday, August 28, 2008

America's Stranglehold on Sports

If you continue to read, you will quickly realize that the title of this post is meant to be sarcastic criticism of America's superiority complex when it comes to most things, including athletics. Somewhere in the course of our mere 200-year existence (nothing in the scope of human history), our arrogant nation has come to the conclusion that we are THE world superpower and can enforce whatever regulations we want, can invade and control whatever country we please, and can generally do whatever the hell we want without much regard for the remainder of the human race. Obviously, I have issues with our arrogant, colonial, and totalitarian approach to global relations.

The most recent occurrence of this phenomena is in the world of women's golf. The LPGA has recently passed a rule that, beginning next year, all of it tour members must be proficient in the English language or face suspension. The LPGA has recently been invaded by a slew of incredibly talented foreign players, especially from the country of Korea. This new rule will drastically change their approach to the game and will no doubt rob them of precious practice time required to achieve professional ability, while they work on honing their linguistic skills instead.

I'm just not sure what the LPGA has to do with the English language. It's not the "American Ladies Professional Golf Association." It's golf. It's a global sport. And now we are punishing people and affecting their careers, their livelihoods, based on their country of origin. That ain't right!

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