Sunday, August 10, 2008

What Is Sabbath?

This is a question that Mandy and I are wrestling with. We both have been raised to think that "spiritual" activities are the exercises that involve loading the family in the station wagon and heading over to the church building for prayer, Bible study, worship, a pot luck or some other "churchy" practice. We are expanding our definition.

Today, for the first time of many in the future, we attended church in the evening rather than in the morning. It was great to be able to spend the day in communion with each other and nature before communing with our church family tonight. We spent the normal church hours climbing at the rock climbing gym I work at and it was a beautifully, spiritual activity. After that we toured the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks where we watched the salmon make their way up the fish ladder to the other end of the lock.

Sabbath has always been about setting a day apart to spend with family, friends, and the Creator. We have always been people who filled our sabbath with a ton of activity though (especially while I worked at churches), so we are trying to change our ways to better appreciate God's gift of a day of rest. I'll let you know what we are doing to enjoy this special time of the week.

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