Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good Quote from a Good Book

One of my text books for this fall is a book called "To Be Told" which was written by Dr. Dan Allender. Allender is the professor of the class and the president of the school. I have heard him speak before and was amazed, so I am incredibly excited about his lectures each day of class.

I began reading this book to get a jump start on the semester, and so far am really enjoying the read and think I will learn a lot. The premise of the book is that we all have stories worth telling, and are ourselves, a story written to the world to tell the story of the Author of life. Allender claims that we must learn to read our own stories so that we can become co-authors with God in writing the future of our stories.

Plan on hearing much more about this book and others as I progress through the seminary process. For now, here is a great quote that captured my heart as I continue to process the idea of dreaming:

"A dream without suffering is little more than a fantasy" (pg. 48).


  1. what a GREAT QUOTE!!! Thanks Jason...it's exactly what I needed to hear tonight.

  2. Hadn't even thought of you guys, but that quote probably would mean much to you right now.