Monday, August 11, 2008

Free to be Patriotic

I have to admit (go ahead and criticize me like Michelle Obama too) that I consistently struggle with patriotism. I find it hard to be proud of my country's accomplishments when most of those feats come at great expense to others around the world or to nature itself. We brag about freedom while oppressing others. We boast of financial success on the backs of underpaid and overworked overseas laborers. How can I be proud of this kind of country? How can I be proud of a country that most of the world views as a terrorist nation? I struggle.

Every four years, though, for a period of two weeks, these thoughts are pushed aside as I become a raving lunatic in support of the Stars and Stripes. The Olympics are a beautiful expression of world harmony and peace. For two weeks the world can come together under one roof and celebrate the hard work of each nation, competing with skill and agility rather than guns and bullets. I love it!

It feels so good to support my nation and I pray that the world would come to its senses (especially my own homeland) and start working for peace and justice in the world rather than domination and control. What would the world look like if it behaved the way it does for these 2 weeks during the other 206 weeks of the quadrennial?

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  1. Hey Jason - enjoying your blog. Monte, Alex and I are also enjoying the Olympics each evening. Go Michael Phelps! What a treat to see such talent from the good ole' USA. We miss you and Mandy and wish you well.