Friday, August 1, 2008

Forced Conservation

I definitely don't want to be someone who is forced to care for God's creation, but I can say that I don't mind being required by Washington state law. Mandy and I needed to register our car in Washington following our move here recently, but prior to that registration, we needed to have an emissions test done on our car. I guess now that I think about it, I haven't noticed too many old, junker cars, spewing smoke and fumes into our fragile atmosphere, which is refreshing.

In addition to the mandatory emissions test, we have been glad to have our hand forced in the way of recycling. We had desired to be people who thought more about the environment, but it has been surprisingly easy due to Washington regulations. We end up recycling twice as much as we throw out.

I almost can't believe that I didn't live a more eco-friendly existence for the past 25 years. I claimed to worship the Creator, but didn't outwardly show much concern for the creation. I can't believe the church isn't leading the way in the effort to be 'green'. Why aren't church leaders at the forefront of these conversations? Why aren't followers of Christ spearheading movements toward alternative energy and fuel? How can we be people who take as active an interest in the creation as we do in the Creator?


  1. Is there a deposit system for cans and bottles like Oregon?

  2. No. I wish there were. Only more incentive to recycle. Michigan does that too.