Monday, August 4, 2008

A Great Weekend

It seems like I'm writing about a lot of personal stuff lately, but life is just so new and crazy and fun that I can't help but share it with those closest to me. We are REALLY loving Seattle and had a fantastic weekend!

On Friday after work we had dinner and then played tennis at this awesome park where you had to traverse down these switchbacks of trails to get to this little hidden court at the bottom. When we had tired we drove a few blocks up the hill to another park and watched a beautiful sunset over Puget Sound. amazing view, and right in our neighborhood.

On Saturday, Mandy and I headed down to Qwest Field to watch the annual Seattle Seahawks Scrimmage. We figure we might not be able to afford to go to any regular season games, so for $12 each we were able to see the team in action. What a blast. That night we headed down the hill to Seattle Center to watch "Juno" on a huge, jumbo screen in this outdoor amphitheater at the base of the Space Needle. We had so much fun and are planning to trek down there this coming Saturday to take in "Batman Begins."

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  1. Its great that you guys are having lots of fun! It's been pretty good here in SD as well. Brenna and I are having a pretty good time, I'm even working with rescue horses now once a week :D